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Snared By The Sultan Of Persia by Jaguaro Snared By The Sultan Of Persia by Jaguaro
“Snared By The Sultan of Persia”
Sequel to “Peril of Persia.”
By Jaguaro

Daphne could have floated down the hallway, like Jeannie would do, thanks to a most special wish she had granted: a night of heaven. But a night of bliss eventually has to come to an end, and she never did find that dark chocolate. After that strenuous workout with her newfound lover, she had a bit of an appetite. Fred was played out, sprawled out on the bed, snoring. Let the poor guy rest, she thought. He earned it.
Before she headed out, she noted that the woman doing the wash had been veiled. The feminist in her hated how local women were subjected to such restrictions, but rules were rule. And she didn’t want to be a rude American. So she found a purple veil probably left behind by a servant girl or woman of the local harem. It would be tough to return it, as it matched her skimpy costume perfectly. She rakishly swung her lime green scarf around her neck, and draped it over her cleavage. Don’t want to give the Prince, the security guards, and any guy not named Fred for that matter any ideas.
Whether it was her hunger, or the romantic thoughts that swirled through her head, she never caught the warning signs: the shadow from the right side or the scuffling sound from the left, but as she reached a passageway in the middle of her hallway.
Without warning, she found her arms pinned behind her back. A scarf matching hers was tied over her mouth and nose, under her veil.. As the cloth was tied behind the back of her head, she whispered in dismay, not just at being silenced, but for having the greatest night of her life ruined.
To her surprise, she saw it was Prince Abin’s Uncle Abdullah tying her up, with two palace guards holding her wrists. Of course the even djinn Jadal was there two, rubbing his hands in pleasure at the sight of her helplessness while a guard knotted a rope binding her wrists. The other guard secured her ankles in a similar fashion.
“Now you will pay for tricking us, leading us into a trap for Jeannie.” Jadal smiled.
Daphne desperately tried to explain that it wasn’t her idea. She was simply wearing that skimpy outfit trying to cover for Jeannie, not realizing she was being used as bait for a trap.
“Your punishment will be appropriate for what you did,” Uncle Abdullah insisted, spinning Daphne around so he could face her. “You will be used for bait to trap Jeannie for a change, and join her in a new prison we hope to keep her for decades, even centuries.
The redhead squirmed around, but the ropes that kept her in bondage would not give. Nor could anyone make out what she was saying.
“But do not feel too bad. Your friends will also be locked up, along with the weak Prince Abin!”
The two laughed at Daphne’s helpless pleadings, muffled by her scarf gag.

Jeannie raced down the hall. Though her legs were still in the lotus position for relaxation as she glided through the air, she was highly concerned. She saw the broken bottle where Jadal and Abdullah were supposed to be locked up. But where could they be? She hoped they would run away, but if they didn’t, Miss Daphne would be in great peril.
Her worst fears were confirmed as she rounded the corner. The redheaded human was there, dressed as she was with purple and green bra and briefs, sheer harem pants that revealed her shapely legs, purple slippers, and a green scarf gagging her, mostly obscured by a diaphanous veil that matched her slippers and headband.
“Release Daphne, or you shall suffer the consequences!” she shouted. Her pony tail spun around her head, ready to snap out a spell that would crush Daphne’s tormentors.
“Another moment and your new-found friend will die!” Abdullah snapped back, revealing a large curved knife that was now poised to strike Daphne’s throat.
“No…wait!” Jeannie begged. Perhaps her spell might strike Abdullah before he could harm the fellow redhead, but there was no guarantee. Plus Jadal was waiting in the wings, ready for his chance at revenge.
“You will surrender, little one!” Jadal demanded.
“I…I…submit to your will,” Jeannie muttered reluctantly. She dropped her arms to her side.
At that moment, Jadal pointed his finger at the redheaded genie and commanded “Gag-in-djinn!” An odd beam of white, black and gray colors emerged from his finger, and covered her mouth, swinging around to pin her ponytail to her head, so that she could neither cast a spell nor whip one from her hair.
“Hmmm…mmmm….mmmph!” Jeannie squealed in panic. As her hands flew to try to and stop the beam, Jadal pointed his finger again and said “Bond-in-djinn!” twice. Similar beams of white, gray and black flew to her. One pulled her wrists behind her back, holding them there. Another swung around her ankles, preventing them from moving.
The evil djinn laughed. “Comfortable, little one? To think that a female genie should be more powerful than a male djinn….unthinkable!” He smiled, then called out the last command one more time. The strange band of black, gray and white now circled her, moving in tighter so that her arms were pinned to her chest. As it squeezed her just below her breasts, Jeannie yelped into her gag. ‘That was revenge for putting me into a bottle, as I shall do with you!”
“Release Daphne and Jeannie…or you’ll be sorry!” It was Fred in the lead, followed by Velma, Shaggy, Scooby, Prince Abin, Cory and Henry, as well as Babu. Both redheads widened their eyes as they saw the group rush forward. Jeannie shook her head. Daphne whimpered a warning into her gag. But it was too late.
“Cage-in-djinn” Jadal boomed as he pointed his finger above them. A makeshift jail fell, trapping all inside. Daphne struggled against her bonds, while Jeannie shook her head. Such foolish courage, she thought. All for naught.
“Hey, Fred’s supposed to set the traps!” Shaggy observed.
“Uncle…what are you doing?” Prince Abin inquired.
Abdullah stepped forward, evaluating his captives. “Earlier tonight, these two females foiled my plans to take over this palace from you. But no longer. They shall be put into a bottle, helpless such as this, where they shall remain for at least 1,000 years. You and your friends shall be held in jail, as enemies of the state. Any of you attempting to escape will be executed as a traitor.”
Prince Abin shook his head. “But why?”
“I told you, you and your father should have ruled as a sultan should, with force!” Abdullah angrily instructed the royal. “Had you done so, you would have seen me as a danger, and gotten rid of me. Too late, Prince Abin, who rules by love!”
Abdullah turned to the djinn. “Carry out the sentence!”
“Imprison-in-djunn” Jadal said as he pointed to the two damsels-in-distress.
Daphne and Jeannie remained bound and gagged as their forms stretched and they floated inside a dark blue bottle. They reformed inside as they were, each just as helpless to move or speak.
“Scooby!” Velma hissed. “Try and break the bottle with your howls!”
Scooby-Doo wailed as loud as he could. Neither Abdullah and Jadal seemed to pay much heed to the dog’s loud groaning and moaning. But the bottle did not break.
“Cory!” Henry shouted. “Try to break the glass!”
Cory hurled a small stone. As poor as the odds were, he managed to have the small rock strike the bottle. But it bounced off the object as if it were also made of stone.
Abdullah and Jadal laughed at the prisoners. “Foolish mortals!” Jadal boomed. “Your canine and human tricks are useless against the magic of a djinn. Even if you break the bottle, these bound beauties would still be gagged, unable to do anything to save you.”
Cory looked over at Babu. “See what you can do, Babu!”
Babu hesitated. “Okay-yay,” he sounded nervous. “I’ll try. Yazzle-Dazzle!” he spoke, wiggling his fingers toward the captive redheads. In the next moment, his mouth disappeared. He began waving frantically like a bird trying to take off. Cory smacked his forehead. Velma rolled her eyes. Shaggy and Scooby looked like deflated balloons. Fred slumped forward against the bars. “Then it’s hopeless.”
Daphne looked sadly at her helpless hero. If only she hadn’t used her gift wish from Jeannie in an elaborate seduction of Fred, and had saved it. She closed her eyes to try and fight back the tears welling up inside her. I wish I was a genie, she mumbled into the scarf gag.
At that moment, she began to feel as if her body temperature increased by ten degrees. A light seemed to be enveloping her. She frantically glanced over at Abdullah, but he was lecturing Prince Abin. Jadal was choosing to torment Babu, laughing and insulting him. Both ignored her.
Was she a genie? It was time to test her powers.
These ropes are too tight, she thought. They should loosen up a bit.
Nothing happened. How had Jeannie…wait, she had a ponytail that whipped into action when she worked her magic. Daphne flipped her hair seductively as best she could with the scarf, veil, and headband. It wasn’t much, but it worked; the ropes easily slid from her wrists and her ankles into a heap at her feet. That was good.
She reached up and untied the offending gag that Abdullah had used to muffle her words. “Break this bottle,” she commanded, giving that patented hair flip. It shattered and she and Jeannie returned to normal size, as quickly as she did.
Abdullah and Jadal turned to look at her, in shock. “Release, the prisoners!” she commanded. She whipped her head to the side and snapped her head back. Hair went flying and the bars disappeared.
“Get her! Gag her!” Abdullah demanded, but he was tackled by Fred and Cory. Velma kicked him in the belly and the air seemed to go out of his lungs.
Jadal floated forward. Daphne adopted the lotus position Jeannie preferred and floated up to avoid being an easy target.
“Your powers are use-!” Daphne began.
“…less!” she finished, flipping her hair.
“..dji..” Poof! A flash of light and his powers disappeared from his finger. He looked at it as if his finger was broken.
“You belong in a lamp!” Daphne ordered. Another flip of her hair and Jadal slid into a bright gold lamp.
Cory and Henry joined in the gang tackling of Uncle Abdullah, who was trying to summon the guards. Better get him out of the picture, she noted to herself. Another command, another flip, and Abdullah squeezed into the lamp, leading the boys to collapse into a heap where he lay. She couldn’t resist a chuckle.

“Wow, Daph,” Shaggy bounded over. “You’re just like Jeannie!”
“How’d you do it?” Velma begged.
“I…I don’t know!” Daphne admitted. “Jeannie gave me a wish, but I used that on Fred.”
Fred looked over. “What do you mean?”
“I…er…used a wish she gave me…to seduce you,” Daphne stammered, blushing furiously.
“I don’t know what you are talking about,” Fred smiled. “From the moment I saw you in that costume…I…well…couldn’t help myself.” Now it was his turn to turn beet red.
Velma snapped her fingers. “I think I’ve got it. Daphne, you wished for something that was already happening.”
“And did you flip your hair when you did, like when you beat the bad guys?” Shaggy asked.
Daphne’s hand shot to her mouth. “No…I didn’t…” she managed.
“Then you didn’t use her wish until you were abducted, and placed in a bottle with her!” Velma proclaimed.
Daphne smiled. “Glad you fell for me, then, Fred!”

“Ri rove reannie!” Scooby said with hearts in his eyes. “Rescue rer!”
“Can you do it?” Velma asked, looking skeptical. The bands that enveloped her mouth and hair, and squeezed her wrists, ankles and chest looked pretty tough.
“I’ll give it a go,” Daphne replied. “Unbind and ungag Jeannie!” She flipped her hair, but nothing happened.
“Man, that’s a powerful spell Jadal put on her,” Fred said, joining the group.
“Can you try again, Miss Daphne?” Prince Abin begged. The redhead did, to no avail.
“I heard Jeannie say something about a ‘Great Haji,’” Cory thought aloud, tapping his head.
“Can you call him?” Henry asked.
Daphne closed her eyes. She spun around in a circle in the air. She opened them again and shook her head. “If I knew who he was, maybe I could.”
Velma smiled. “You might not know him, but Babu might.” Babu had just come over, and nodded his head emphatically.
“You can fix, Babu, I bet,” Fred boasted, as if he was the one who gave Daphne her powers.
Daphne smiled. “Give Babu his mouth and voice back.” She flipped her hair slowly, as if solely for Fred’s enjoyment.
Poof! Babu put his hands to his face. “I can talk again! Wow!” He began to float.
“Now don’t waste time, Babu!” Cory demanded. “Call up the Great Haji!”
“I’ll try!” Babu agreed. “Yazzle Dazzle!”
Poof! A small Indian boy in a turban looked around, blinking. “Wha-where am I?”
Henry smacked his head. Jeannie rolled her eyes in dismay.
“Babu…you didn’t summon the Great Haji!” Cory yelled. “You summoned Haji from Jonny Quest!”
Haji looked around, then smiled at Daphne. “Heyyyyy”
“Back off, kid,” the redhead snapped. “I’m a genie…at least for now.”
“Whoa!” he grinned. “No problem, lady.”
Velma stepped forward. “Do you know how to reach the Great Haji?”
Haji shook his head. “No…but doesn’t Aladdin have a genie?”
Prince Abin, who had just joined them, put his hands to his head. “Why didn’t I think of him? Aladdin is a friend of mine. I’ll send a hawk…”
“…And Daph can give him turbo speed, right?” Fred grinned. Daphne smiled.

In little time, a large blue form zoomed in through a window down the hall and screeched to a halt. He was dressed like a race car driver, mimicking a Southern accent like a NASCAR driver, with ad labels all over his body. Cory seemed delighted while Velma facepalmed herself.
The black bearded smart aleck genie glanced around, turning back to his normal appearance. “So who called for me? Who lit the beacons of Gondor? Was it you?” he asked Babu, who shook his head. “Was it you?” he asked Haji, who laughed. “Was it….heyyyyyyy” he leered at Daphne, who folder her arms crossly, and turned her back on the genie, closing her eyes and turning her nose up in indignation. As if.
“It was I, Prince Abin,” the white turbaned man said, raising his hand. “We have need of your help.”
“Then Rohan shall answer!” the genie laughed, doing an impersonation of King Theoden from Lord of the Rings. The he switched to a doctor’s lab coat. “Vat zeems to be ze problem?” he inquired, with a think German accent.
“Our genie, Jeannie, has been bound and gagged by an evil djinn, and we cannot free her” Fred waved his hands for effect.
“No doubt a precaution against excessive screaming,” the genie mused, having returned to form. “Let’s just….” suddenly, he morphed into the form of a wolf from a Warner Brothers cartoon. Eyes multiplied out as he caught sight of Jeanie. His tongue dropped down like a long red carpet, almost reaching her purple slippers. After several howls, he spun around and turned into a 1950s greaser. The genie put on a pair of shades, combed back his hair, tugged at his black leather jacket, and began putting the moves on the pony-tailed Jeannie.
“Er, Mr. Genie?” Henry managed. “Should you, ya know, get her loose first?”
“Okay, but will you go out with me this Friday?” he asked her, bending down on one knee.
Jeannie’s reply was muffled. “The gag…you know…still on her,” Cory pointed at her mouth.
“I’ll do it if she’ll go on a date with me!”
All eyes swung to Jeannie. To Daphne’s surprise, she nodded.
“It’s a deal!” The genie beamed. He spun her around until first her arms, then her legs, and finally her mouth were free of the bands around them.
“Oh genie, I love your sense of humor!” Jeannie smiled floating over to him, and planted a kiss on his cheek. The genie turned into a carnival game of a strength test, and shot up to the top, past signs of “mildly interested” and “just looking” where he rang the bell that said “in love.” “But first, I have to have a few words with Miss Daphne,” she insisted. This got Daphne to spin around in surprise. The genie paid little attention, doing an impersonation of Frank Sinatra crooning some song.
Daphne and Jeannie found themselves in the next room. “Jeannie…isn’t he…a little…silly?”
“Of course, Miss Daphne.” Jeannie waved off her comment. “I wanted to thank you for saving me again, stopping Jadal and Abdullah.”
“It was my pleasure…after all, you rescued me earlier…and gave me the wish.”
“Since you used up your wish, how about another one?” Jeannie asked.
Daphne considered her option. “I’d rather not stay a genie. I love Fred and all, but I don’t want to be a slave to a master.”
“As you wish,” replied. Her pony tail snapped and the glow around Daphne subsided. She felt a little remorseful over her decision, losing all the powers. But she didn’t want to be tied to a bottle or lamp.
“Do I at least get to keep the outfit? It seems to have worked on Fred…”
“As mine has charmed Aladdin’s genie,” Jeannie smiled.
They returned to the next room, where the genie was dressed in a California Angels jersey, wearing Nolan Ryan’s number. “One lamp with the bad guys, heading far, far away,” the genie bellowed, hurling the lamp through a window, which continued toward the horizon. After the applause, the genie turned into a conductor for a train. “Next stop, Cave of wonders.”
“With me too!” Jeannie smiled, spinning around until she was dressed with a sweater and poodle skirt as the Genie morphed back into his greaser outfit. They floated out through the window together.

That night, Daphne and Velma walked down their respective hallways. “So Jeannie gave you two wishes, not one this time?” the bespectacled gal asked. Daphne nodded.
“Since you’ve obviously given up being a genie, what are you going to do with the other one?” Velma asked.
Daphne looked up and down the hall as Cory and Henry walked passed. In case they were eavesdropping, the redhead whispered to the brunette, whose eyes bugged out, almost eclipsing her glasses. “But…how…”
“Just wear…..” and then she whispered some more. “And make….” More whispers ensued.
“And that will work?” the gal with the orange sweater and matching socks asked.
Daphne nodded. “See you tomorrow” she cooed.
When Shaggy entered his room an hour later, he saw Velma in a red and gold harem outfit, complete with a veil encompassing her face save her glasses. She reclined on her bed, dangling a bunch of grapes. On a table near the bed were pieces of pita and humus. “Care to join me…for a late night snack?”
Shaggy panted the way the genie was doing so earlier over Jeannie. He kicked the door shut behind him, leading to an angry growl from Scooby who was trailing him, until he found the steak draped over his bowl.
Fred looked as his girlfriend sashayed into the room. “So what kept you?”
Daphne told him.
Fred grinned. “So you got three wishes from Jeannie? That was nice of you to use one on Velma.”
Daphne chuckled to herself. Of course she hadn’t, but Velma needed the confidence boost. If she thought it was a genie’s wish working on Shaggy, she might succeed in trapping him. Speaking of traps….
“And if you used one to not become a genie, what’s the last one for?” Fred asked.
Then the lights went out, as if on cue.

[This is Commission 1 for]
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mxgross Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014
I thought Jeannie was infatuated with Corey.
Jaguaro Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nah....she's a free agent.
Jorrun Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2013
This was a fun read! Wish the pic was much bigger...
Jaguaro Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks!  If you want a commission, let me know.
Scoobyfan1 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Good job on this, and you gotta love the cameos :)

Too bad Daphne gave up on being a genie, I think she would have made a pretty good one.
Jaguaro Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Just wait until you see the next one though!  The person who bought this commission got another artwork, that I will upload tomorrow. It plays on that theme....



Scoobyfan1 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Interesting, I'll have to check that out after it gets uploaded.
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Scoobyfan1 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I did get a chance to see the other artwork/story you posted; very good job on it by the way.
Jaguaro Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Peril of Persia?
Scoobyfan1 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Yep, I think that was the one.
Jaguaro Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

I liked doing that one.  Was stunned that I didn't even make it into the top half of the contest entries.  Guess it wasn't as good as I thought.


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kaaslave Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2013
LOL @ the guest cameos! :D
Jaguaro Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

It is a sequel to a cosplay contest entry.  Wish me luck!



kaaslave Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2013
Your wish is my command. :D
Jaguaro Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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