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NSD Page 34 Final by Jaguaro
NSD Page 34 Final
NSD is "No Such Department," my original comic.  It's also the acronym for the National Security Department, a World War II era spy agency employing werewolves, vampires, invisible people, and more, from America, Russia, Britain, France, fighting all USA, at home or abroad. Here they are trying to figure out who has been setting off bombs across America for the last several decades.
NSD Page 33 Final by Jaguaro
NSD Page 33 Final
Here's a really awesome artwork, or pair of them.  One is a great artwork of "The O'Reilly Mob," done by a guest artist.  They are a gang of mobsters that the National Security Department (NSD) run into.   It's all part of my fancomic, "No Such Department," set in the WWII era, as a gang of strange individuals from Allied countries try to solving a series of bombings across America.
To Swipe a Witch Halloween Special by Jaguaro
To Swipe a Witch Halloween Special

Based upon the Scooby episode "To Switch a Witch."

To Swipe a Witch



“Oh Please?  Pretty please?”

“But I’ll look ridiculous!  This dunce cap…”

“It’s a wizard’s hat!” Daphne insisted.

“And these moons and stars….” Velma wailed.

“Your robes ARE orange, your new favorite color,” Daphne pointed out.  “Besides, Shaggy always likes magic acts.”

Velma bit her lip.  “You just want me to dress up because it gives you an excuse to wear a costume.”

“I know….” Daphne twirled around, admiring her lilac dress, purple cape and matching hat.  Plus the boots…Freddie couldn’t resist those!  “But I got Arlene a costume, and you’ll look out of place at the party without one.”

“Oh, all right!” Velma snapped, but she was secretly intrigued by the idea of Shaggy being interested in her outfit.  He was wearing simple monks robes, which fit his hippie nature.  Daphne had hoped Fred would opt for the matador costume, but the blond seemed to be eyeing cowboy duds.

“Whatcha get for Arlene?”

“You’ll see,” Daphne added a wicked grin.  “But it will get that Revolutionary War historian’s attention that she’s been mooning over for years.”

“Can you afford it?” Fred asked Daphne, having joined them with his purchase.”

“They don’t call it platinum because it’s plentiful!”


“So let’s like, split up and trick-I mean look for clues!” Shaggy planned.

Velma shook her head.  “I know what you did last year.”

Daphne raised her finger, and then pointed.  “I’ve got it.  Fred, you work on the bonfire.  Shaggy, get the food and party supplies, with Scooby.  Velma and I will go over to get Arlene.”

Velma raised her eyebrow in skepticism.  “That’s so we can keep them busy while Arlene changes for the costume party,” Daphne whispered.

The gal with glasses nodded.  It was not a bad idea keeping the boys distracted.  What if Arlene’s hot outfit was too hot!   Velma reserved the right to say it didn’t match, or it clashed with her hair, or something to convince their friend to forego something too alluring…


Within minutes they were at Arlene’s door, knocking.  This got Gar Mooney’s attention.  He ran to the graveyard to summon his mistress.

“What is it?” she snapped. 

“Melissa, they’re here.  Arlene’s friends.”

Her eyes narrowed.  “Let me see them.”

She walked over to observe the two ladies were at the door.  One was dressed in a strange robes with a conical hat.  The other was wearing a purple and lilac witch’s costume.  It was going to be too easy.  They were playing right into her hands.

“What should we do, Melissa?”

“Let me lead our naïve town leader to their house with my own costume,” she chuckled evilly.  “He’ll take care of the rest.  Just make sure you go with them, insist all three get arrested, and have them keep their mouths covered so they can’t explain themselves.”

“I have a plan,” Gar Mooney replied.


“Yes, Mr. Mooney?” Squire Marley growled at the intrusion at the town hall meeting.

“The witch,” Gar Mooney blurted out as he pointed out the open door he had just flung open.  “She’s returned to Salem!”

The Squire’s eyes narrowed.  “This had better not be one of your schemes, Mr. Mooney!”

All of the townpeople rushed to the doorway.  There they saw the cackling purple-clad witch laugh derisively, point at them and said “My sisters and I will have our revenge!”

“After them!”   The Squire demanded.

The townspeople rushed to grab torches, pitchforks, and other farm tools that could serve as weapons.  “We had better stop them before they cast any spells,” Mooney added as the crowd chased the Wilcox Witch across the square, and back toward the homes.


After several knocks, a tall brunette in a blue turtleneck and dark blue pants answered the door.  Her eyes looked wide with fear.  She wasn’t in any costume.  She motioned her friends quickly inside.

“Are you nervous about something?” Velma inquired.

“Look what I got for you at Vivian’s Secret,” Daphne interrupted before Arlene could respond.  “It’s smash….”

Arlene shrieked.  “You can’t wear those costumes!” she screamed, as if realizing what they were wearing.  “And a succubus is the last thing I should be looking like in this town on Halloween.”

“But that Caleb guy won’t be able to keep his hands off you!” Daphne pointed out.

“What’s going on,” Velma demanded.

Arlene moved her finger to her lips, and then motioned them forward.  “Ever since Square Marley won the Chair of the Town Selectman title in Salem, he’s announced that he’s carrying on a full-fledged witch hunt to root out ‘the evil’ that he’s claiming is ruining this town.  And my family was accused of having a witch in the Wilcox line, going all the way back to Pilgrim times.”

Daphne stood with her hands on her hips.  “We’ll he’s not going to….”

The door flung open.  “Squire Marley!” Arlene gasped in terror.”

“You are right, Mr. Mooney.  It’s a coven of witches!  Seize them!”

“But we’re not….” Velma began, but Gar Mooney pointed at them.

“Bind them and make sure they are gagged, so they cannot make a sound,” he added to Squire Marley’s orders.

One seized Arlene, while another pounced on Velma.  Daphne turned to run.  She ducked past one, but another yanked back on her cape.  It enabled two others to  pin her arms back. 

“You’re making a big mismmmmph!” Daphne managed, before the scarf was tied over her mouth.  She shook her head, but the townspeople managed to knot in place, effectively silencing her except for some mumbled sounds.”

“Now they cannot cast a spell!” Gar Mooney added, in relief.

Squire Marley frowned.  “But how will we get them to confess?”

“Their clothes have already convicted them,” Gar Mooney pointed out.  “There’s no need for a trial.  They must simply be imprisoned this way.”


The three witches found themselves tied and helpless, unable to make a sound, their mouths muffled by cloth.  Each was tied to a separate post in the nearby Salem Museum, where a series of devices used against women accused of witchcraft were to be found.  These look like posts where women were burned at the stake, Velma mused.  I hope they aren’t so medieval in their torture practices.

While Squire Marley and the other townspeople looked upon their captives, pleased with their efforts, they were watched by others.  Shaggy, Scooby-Doo and Fred looked inside the windows in horror.

“That would explain why the gals didn’t show up,” Fred noted grimly.

“Or why they didn’t call,” Shaggy added.  Scooby whimpered in fear.

Fred looked at the two.  “I’ve got a plan.  Shag, you and Scooby keep an eye on Daphne, Velma and Arlene….”

“It’s not like they’re going any place!” Shaggy laughed.

“Be serious!”  Fred announced.  “I’m gonna see if I can find some clues at the Wilcox home that might tell us what’s going on.”  With that, he ducked away from the museum and dashed off into the night.

Shaggy shook his head.  Fred made a funny looking witch-hunter, dressed as a cowboy.  He himself was wearing a hooded monk robes while Scooby himself was dressed as a witch.  “As long as we stay out here, Scoob, we can be fine.”

“That’s what you think!”

Shaggy spun around to find himself face to face with the old guy with glasses and a flat hat that looked like a preacher’s headgear.

“That’s what I saw, Squire Marley…them two peerin’ on in at us, spyin’ on us.”

“It seems you are right again, Gar Mooney,” Squire Marley admitted.  “Another witch, and her helper.  And the witch has changed her form into that of a dog!”

The townspeople fell upon Scooby, dragging him and Shaggy inside.  The gangly guy was locked into stocks while his hands were cuffed in front.  The Great Dane found himself seated into a chair attached to a pole.

“Confess that you are a witch, and transform back into a human so that we may see who you really are!”

Scooby shook his head and was splashed into a vat.  Shaggy moaned with fear.  Daphne rolled her eyes.  This night couldn’t get any crazier if it tried.  Velma tugged furiously at her bonds, while Arlene looked wide-eyed with fear.


Meanwhile, Melissa cackled with laughter as she sprawled out on the sofa.  The night couldn’t have gone better than if she planned it.  Her twin sister was bound and gagged and in jail, along with her college pals.  Dressed like witches, they were the perfect fall gals for her plot.  She would control the Wilcox estate, when Gar Mooney did the paperwork.  She’d let him have the other two properties in her sister’s name across town.  But she’d be worth a lot with her sister’s fortune.  Wouldn’t even have to work.    I could just lie here and….

An handkerchief was suddenly rammed into her mouth.  She reached to remove the offending obstruction, but her arms were seized.  She felt herself being rolled onto her back.  In a flash, her wrists were bound.  She kicked the cowboy abducting her in the back, but it did no good.  When her wrists were good and tied, he tackled her legs, and proceeded to tie them tightly as well.  But if she thought he was done, she was mistaken, for a rope was stretched from the knots at her ankles to her wrists, with the remainder looped around her neck.  For good measure, he tied an orange cloth over the handkerchief jammed between her lips.

“Lassoed you, lassie!” the oaf in the ten-gallon hat grinned.  “Now, you’re gonna tell the others that they’re not real witches, any more than you are.

She shook her head violently.  She would just tell them she was an abducted trick or treater.  Let this cowpoke prove it.

“Okay,” he smiled.  “You asked for it.”  He stuffed her into a bag, and slung her over his shoulder.  He carried her out the door of her house, down to his vehicle, and slammed the back doors.  He began driving.

What was he going to do, she wondered.  She doubted it would be effective.

At that moment, the most horrible sound she ever heard.  It was some cowboy guy yodeling or something like that.  It was hideous.  She couldn’t stand it.

“Slim Whitman’s Greatest Hits!” Fred announced.  “Don’t you like it?”

“Hnggghh!!  Ninggghhhh!!”


Squire Marley stepped in front of the three bound captives.  “If you witches do not confess, you may join your fellow witch in the ducking stool, starting with….”

“If you want a witch, here’s a real one!” Fred called out.

“What is the meaning of this intrusion?” Squire Marley’s voice boomed.  “Do you want to join your friend in this stocks?”

Fred pulled off a bag to reveal…

“Another witch?” Squire Marley gasped.

“No…the only witch,” Fred fired back.  “And she’s ready to confess.”

The witch in a matching pink dress and hat shook her head.  “Want me to play Slim Whitman’s Greatest hits again?”

Her eyes widened, and then she shook her head.  “Want to tell everything now?” Fred tried again.  She paused, then nodded reluctantly.

Fred pulled his ascot from her face, and she spat out the handkerchief. 

As Melissa Wilcox hesitantly answered Squire Marley’s withering interrogation, Fred freed Scooby.  Scooby bounded toward Gar Mooney, who was trying to slip out.


“Then Melissa and Gar blamed each other?” Daphne asked.

“And that’s why they’re both going to jail,” Fred replied.

“So…how’d you capture her?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?”

‘Maybe I would,” she teased.  “But I bet  you couldn’t capture me.”

“We could see, after the Halloween Party…”

I may not be a witch,” the redhead mused.  “But I seem to have put a spell on him!”

Happy Halloween!


Frollo Evil Frolic Contest Entry by Jaguaro
Frollo Evil Frolic Contest Entry
Disney Club is having an "Evil Laugh" villain contest (…), so I did Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame.  Regardless of the outcome of the contest, I had fun!
NSD Page 32 Final by Jaguaro
NSD Page 32 Final
Here's page 32 of "No Such Department," the halfway point in my original comic about a secretive World War II agency employing vampires, werewolves and invisible people to solve mysteries.  Most of you can probably tell that I am a Scooby-Doo fan, so I couldn't resist working in a minor character from "A Clue for Scooby-Doo."

Here's more information if you'd like to buy the comic, or download it, for a minimal price:…


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United States
Current Residence: Georgia
Favourite genre of music: Jazz
Favourite photographer: Mlle Dinkley
Favourite cartoon character: Anyone from Mystery Inc.
Personal Quote: "Art is that which endures" (Jack Valenti)
As you may or may not know, I am working hard on my sequel to No Such Department, but work is getting busier, and I am distracting myself with a lot of other artworks that are keeping me from getting the sequel done.  So I will be taking down a lot of work, and only focusing on NSD II for the rest of this year and next year.  If there's anything you like, get it now because by Sunday, I should be taking down a lot of artwork.
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